Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi River Valley
By William H. Homes | Introduced and Revised by Christian Narkiewicz Laine
Type of client: Publication House
Type of work: Book
Typeface: Helvetica Neue, EB Garamond
Paper: Splendogel/Munken

Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi River Valley is a revised publication incorporating the ethnographic collection of Indian pottery of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum. The newly revised book contains supplementary material and updates to the ethnographic research of indigenous pottery by Native Americans.

A larger print size was decided upon in order for the new ceramic data to be better displayed. Small indentation was used between paragraphs and the explanatory figures were placed as separators between lines of text to provide readers with a visual pause. Breakout boxes with larger text were also used between sections. A slightly larger gutter and wider margins were implemented for a more comfortable read. A serif font was selected for body text and a sans serif for chapters, reminiscent of the older version but also for improving readability.