Athens Backpackers 2022
Logotype design
Type of client: Hostel
Type of work: Logotype + Brand Identity

Logotype redesign and brand identity design for Athens Backpackers. AB was founded in 2004 and since then they become the no1. youth hostel in the world winning lots of awards in the hospitality community around the globe. We redesign the visual identity together with a new logotype. The logotype idea was to use the head letters “a” and “b” to create a figure that will remind the actual clientele of the hostel. Young people who are traveling the world with a backpack. For the “a & b” – elements we tried to create a handwriting font based at the Greek typography justifying this way the location of the business.
Athens backpackers 2022 logotypeAthens backpackers 2022 logotype Athens backpackers 2022 logotype Athens backpackers 2022 logotypeAthens Backpackers Athens Backpackers 2022