Basement Dance Spot
Type of client: Dance Hub
Type of work: Visual Identity

The Basement – Dance Spot is a studio embracing the diverse and active community of dancers. Its main goal is to become the meeting place of all professionals and students who wish to elaborate more on their dancing skills.

The studio, located in a restored basement in Thessaloniki, Greece, provides dance classes on a regular basis while is also available for booking. Client asked for their business name to be subtly featured in the logo. We came back with the idea of combining bold and hand-writing typography to present both:

a. the idea of an established creative urban space and

b. the energy and emotion specifically arisen from the art of dance, the main feature of its multi-purpose character.

A two-way to be perceived logo, can stand solo, i.e. The Basement, and along with further connotation, i.e. Dance Spot, to identify its idiosyncrasy.

Brand identity was further developed; a signage installation that introduced neon lighting along with graffiti and duct taped environmentals paired the seductive, street art vocabulary of The Basement Dance Spot.