Global Design News LLC.
Visual Identity

Type of client: Website – Online Magazine
Type of work: Visual Identity – Logotype Design

Global Design News is an online magazine for Architecture and Design. For the design of the visual identity we stepped on the same idea we were based for the logotype design. A logotype to comply with the iconic and innovative way of thinking featured in A bold typeface to make a statement within an open box  to indicate the continuous search for the most promising design. The open box symbolizes the incoming and outgoing flow of information that is being exchanged within the GDN community. Another interpretation of the basic shape featured would be that of a tablet, the digital means from where the GDN platform disseminates information.

For the visualization needs of our idea we relied on the outline of the logo incorporating images, objects or products from the field of design architecture. In any case, we made sure that the outline of the logo “works” in the same way and idea that we relied on for its design. That is, letting the products, objects or images go out of contour. Having the border as a key element, we almost did not include the logo itself, considering that the border and the overall composition replace the logo itself, creating a trademark composition suitable for promoting and what it stands for.

Global Design News Visual Identity