Higgs Video Illustration
Type of client: NPO
Type of work: Video Illustration

Higgs is an initiative which aims to reinforce Nonprofit Organisations | NPOs | operating in Greece. It is located in an iconic renovated neoclassical building near Metaxourgeio area and acts as knowledge hub where NPOs connect, exchange knowledge and ideas and share information to improve their objectives and sustainability. In other words, Higgs is an NPO which helps other NPOs -no matter their area of  interest-  meet their goals and evolve successfully. We were asked to provide the engaging illustration to be further used for a motion graphics video. According to the script, we designed a series of illustration sets conveying all parts of the story to be told. A variety of characters had to be designed and having that in mind we decided to keep the style not too detail oriented. This way, the demanding voice over would guide the viewer more effectively from frame to frame and relative information become more comprehensive. Main message was illustrated and the Higgs building comprised an important role throughout the video as it constitutes of a very active community of people.