International Architecture Awards 2020
Visual Identity
Type of client: Cultural Institution – Award Program
Type of work: Visual Identity

Celebrating and promoting the most significant architectural projects designed and built around the world, International Architecture Awards 2020 (IAA 2020) were presented online in September 2020. Meandyou designed the Awards’ identity for the 6th consecutive year, creating posters, merchandise, advertising, digital content and an extensive 300-page annual yearbook.

With very little overseas travel taking place this year, the IAA 2020 campaign aimed to be all about communication and cross-cultural interaction. Having a strong focus on reflecting both local and global considerations, we wanted for this year’s identity to be strong and loud.

Given that IAA are dedicated to the recognition of excellence in global design and urbanism worldwide, our focus was on the community of architects and beneficiaries from around the globe to discern the projects that address socio-economic and cultural challenges efficiently in the built environments we are provided with. Building structures affect social structures.

The main synthesis elements are:

• The use of Venn diagram to show relationships and commonalities among group of things featuring an earth lined vector, holding latitude and longitude properties.

• A rising arrow as a force towards innovation and excellence.

• The use of multiple script systems for the word architecture, the main celebrator.

This year’s identity presents what we have in common, an interplay between social life and physical surroundings.

IAA2020 typography
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