New International Architecture 2019
Type of client: Cultural Institution – Award Program
Type of work: Catalogue

The International Architecture Awards (IAA) honor the best, significant new buildings, landscape architecture, and planning projects designed and built around the world from leading architects. The identity for the 2019 IAA was based on geometry and spatial reasoning.
In a popular way, architecture is about fitting and matching blocks together whether in a building as a whole or side by side to other buildings. We used rectangular shapes in perspective masked with text and images – from projects of awarded offices in 2019 –  to present that no matter how complex an architectural project can be, it has to work alongside with other projects. Architectural offices do take into consideration what both the primary users and the surrounding buildings have to say in the design process. To retain authenticity of the surroundings while moving forward is the 2019 new international architecture.
This is the 2019 yearbook in deployment.