58th Thessaloniki Intl Film Festival 
Visual Identity for the 58th Thessaloniki Intl Film Festival

The concept behind the logo design, poster design, catalog covers and other communication material for the 58th Thessaloniki International Film Festival was based on 2 directions:
The first was about the inclination of visual communication at an international level to revive the aesthetics of the 90’s. Colorful effects, doting fonts, typeface distortion and the use of color gradient are the elements that we bring up from that decade. The perception developed has been widely accepted by the public due to the strength of familiarity, thus creating a sense of warmth at heart. At the same time, we introduced as much color as we believe it had to be attributed to an institution with a young age target group. The second -and main source of inspiration- is the global heritage left behind by innovative designers of the  90s-00s, who left their distinctive imprints on the global community of design by gradually thinking out of the box and setting their own lines and rules. Our goal was to create a concept that can be continuously changed and newly designed and adopted to meet new shapes, sizes, applications etc. At the same time the use/reference of the festival’s film sections works well towards the dissemination of information on its genres and variety of films.